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Trend Exhaustion Stock Market Spreadsheet

Know when the trend is about to end. Trade Setups, Combos and Sequentials using this easy Excel (.xls) spreadsheet.

Price: $70.00 USD

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Forecast stock market trends instead of follow them!  See why Setup, Combo and Sequential indicators are major influences in the professional technical analysis community. Pro traders speak of these as the ‘Holy Grail’ of market timing.  Said to be close to 90% reliable, these signals show you when to buy into weakness and sell into strength.  They have an impressive record of identifying turning points across the stock, bond, commodity and currency markets.  Utilizing an Excel financial Add-In, this spreadsheet provides signals on your choice of daily, weekly and monthly basis.  Know  when a trend is becoming, or has become, exhausted. On daily charts, for example, you’ll know precisely which day to enter into a new position or liquidate an existing one.   The accompanying article shows amazing bull/bear market turning points signaled to the very day.  Video Tutorial and Article:   Trend Exhaustion Stock Market Spreadsheet

Customer Comments:
Once more thank you very much for this great tool!!!
-Fabien [France]

You wouldn’t believe the time and fun my wife and I are having with your spreadsheet.
-Ron [Los Angeles]
I applaud you for implementing this in Excel. -Rob [Murphy, TX]

Rental Income Property Analysis for Excel

Analyze cash flows, tax benefits, and investment rates of return for Rental income properties. Know the optimal offer price before you buy. Easy to use Excel spreadsheet.

Price: $45.00 USD

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 Buying a rental income property?  Don’t buy on hope, KNOW your rates of return, tax benefits, and cash flows BEFORE you buy.  Calculate the optimal offer price.  Analyze several loan options. Compare different rental investment opportunities.  Rental real estate is a major investment of time and money.  Invest the effort into a 10-year cash flow analysis before you buy a headache property.  The program runs thru an Excel spreadsheet.  A video tutorial and screenshots are provided in the accompanying article.  Click here to read:  Rental Income Property Analysis for Excel Spreadsheet.  Customer comments:

Thank you so much. This spreadsheet has much adoration in my community.
– Deborah [Portland, OR]

Thanks.  I really appreciate it.  I respect the effort put into the development of the spreadsheet.  -Darrell [Bellaire, TX]

Great product which has helped me in evaluating my real estate investments.
Thank you – Chris [Eagle River, AK]

Fix-N-Flip Rehab Analyzer for Excel

Quickly analyze Rehab deals and calculate the max purchase price you should offer.  Easy to use Excel Program.

Price: $30.00 USD

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The perfect solution to streamline your rehab business!  This product is a quick and easy-to-use – yet comprehensive – Excel program for rehabbers and real estate investors to analyze Fix-N-Flip deals.  Helps investors estimate rehab repair costs, “carrying costs”, and determine the maximum purchase price they should offer for a property.  Compare your purchase price against the popular ‘70% Rule’ which helps to insure against taking unnecessary risk and remain a disciplined investor.  A video tutorial and screenshots are provided in the accompanying article:  Fix-N-Flip Rehab Analyzer For Excel

Kelly Formula for Stocks Spreadsheet

Excel (.xls) Spreadsheet for money management using the Kelly Formula. No locked cells. User friendly design.

Price: $15.00 USD

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 The Kelly Formula for Stock Investing is an Excel (.xls) spreadsheet that offers a money management system for stock investing.  Once a favorable stock investment opportunity is identified, use the spreadsheet to decide how much of your portfolio to invest.  The Kelly Formula results in the maximum expected rate of bankroll growth, and is mathematically the optimal strategy for money management in betting games.  The formula gives you that fraction to invest in each stock which maximizes the amount of money you win over a lifetime of investing.  This spreadsheet modifies the Kelly Formula to account for the realities of stock market investing.  Click here to read accompanying article: The Kelly Formula for Stock Investing: Growth-Optimized Money Management

My Net Worth Spreadsheet

An Excel (.xls) spreadsheet to track your Assets, Liabilities, and Total Net Worth.

Price:  $10.00 USD

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 As an investor, you should have only one goal: To increase your Net Worth over time.   Unless you regularly evaluate your net worth (Total Assets minus Total Liabilities), you will not know what financial direction you are going in.  As a personal finance tool, net worth is essential.  By comparing your net worth on a regular basis you can get a good feel for your financial well-being. If your net worth is rising, you’re probably in good financial health. If you’re net worth is shrinking, you’ll want to take a closer look at your finances to see what’s wrong. Another statistic I recommend you follow – your Return On ‘Personal’ Equity, or ROPE, is calculated by the spreadsheet.  Much like a business ROE, your personal return tells you how much income is returned to you as a percentage of your equity (Can you beat the Dow’s historic 11% average?).  This simple spreadsheet can be very powerful.   It can help you consider every major purchase you make and every loan you take or investment you make. It will have you asking a very simple question… what am I spending my money on that is increasing my net worth or decreasing my net worth?  The companion article is:  Net Worth Calculation Spreadsheet
 Car Cost Comparison Tool
An Excel spreadsheet to compare long-term vehicle ownership costs.Price:  $13.00 USD

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 Compare 5 and 10-year total ownership costs for your next vehicle.  This Excel spreadsheet uses an eight factor model of purchase price, depreciation, financing, fees and taxes, fuel costs, fuel economy, insurance, and maintenance/repairs.  Input your own driver, vehicle, financing and fuel costs to personalize your estimates and find the least expensive long-term option.  Choosing the right vehicle will save you tens of thousands of dollars over the next few years.  The companion article is:  Car Cost Comparison Tool for Excel
HP-1: R.I.P. Training – Records in PowerAn Excel (.xls) spreadsheet which supports the R.I.P. Training method

Price: $8.00 USD

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 Athletes in most sports are not concerned with raw strength or in hypertrophy (ie. “looks”).  Rather it is the production of power that is of utmost importance.  Few programs directly address this need.  R.I.P. Training is a bodybuilding program which is designed to measure and maximize Power production.  While most programs focus on either Strength or Hypertrophy, the RIP (Records in Power) Program has the goal of maximizing athletic power.  The companion article is: HP-1: Records in Power – R.I.P. Training

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