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Quickly Analyze House Flipping Deals With New Excel Program

I’m proud to release the Fix-N-Flip Rehab Program For Excel.  This Excel calculation tool provides a comprehensive look at the buying, holding, selling and repair costs in order to determine the Maximum Purchase Price you should offer on rehab real estate projects.  You can Fix and Flip real estate for great profits if you enjoy doing the research to analyze good candidate properties.  Use the program to analyze your profits and minimize risks!  The Program includes the popular “70% Rule” for house flipping.  The accompanying article contains a short video tutorial and screenshots.

Full Article: Fix-N-Flip Rehab Program For Excel

The Fix-N-Flip Program is available from the Research Offers Page.

In other site News:

  • The Rental Income Property Analysis Excel Spreadsheet has been updated!  Version 4 includes an accurate ‘Return On Investment’ tab sheet.  Standard Real Estate ‘returns’ have weaknesses (ie. the ‘Cap Rate’ does not account for your initial investments).  The new Version of the Rental Income spreadsheet evaluates ALL projected cash flows for a more realistic analysis.  See the article for a video tutorial!
  • The Net Worth Calculation Spreadsheet has also been updated!  I’ve added a ‘Return On Personal Equity’ (ROPE) analysis.  The ROPE measures your personal profitability by revealing how much profit you generate with the money you have invested thru saving and paying down debt.  The historic average ROE of the Dow Jones Industrials is about 11%.  Can you beat that?

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