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Warren Buffett and Rob Arnott – recent comments on their Asset Allocation

Rob Arnott on buying inflation hedges [ie. TIPS] in his April 2015 letter:

“Inflation expectations are now 24 months into a severe bear market,
having fallen by nearly 40% from more than 2.5% in March 2013 to
a low of 1.5% in January 2015. I’ve previously said that in such an
environment, a conventional response – especially from those who
are anchored on mainstream stocks – is to question the need for
inflation hedges. The correct response is the opposite. “

[My ‘Optimal Asset Allocation’ model agrees with this.  TIPS are the largest holding.]

Warren Buffett:  Had missed this but apparently Buffett said in February: “”The last asset I would want to buy is a 30-year government bond”

He must not be in US long-term bonds at the moment:

Original interview was early February 2015 Fox Business News:

[My asset allocation model sold out our successful position in long-term bonds in October 2014]


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